Custom Beef, Hog, Lam, Bison & Venison Processing


  • What is Naked Beef?

First, you will select which product best suites your needs.  Once an order is placed, within 24 hours we will contact you to confirm and discuss next steps.  All orders are based on a supply, so please do not hesitate.  When we sell out, it may takes weeks to months before the next harvest.

Due to the nature of working food products, we cannot offer a refund on "verified" product.  All products are thoroughly inspected by our quality control team.  However, we want you to have the best experience you can dream of.  If the process or product seems inferior to your standards, we are more than willing to communicate and resolve any issues.  Customer satisfaction is our number one priority!

Naked Beef Co. operates on demand.  We harvest based upon customer needs.  Therefore your product is always as fresh as possible.  We process in house, directly on the farm.  Once processed we flash freeze all products to ensure freshness.  Your products will come individually packaged and labeled to ensure a long freezer life if chosen. 

Naked Beef Co. is one of the few Animal Welfare approved slaughter facilities within the MN WI area.  The circle of life is the ultimate price, we take every step to respect that. Because we care for and respect our animals.  Its better for the cattle, and much less stressful for them.  Our slaughter facility is focused on animal treatment, our animals grow in the fields behind our plant.  They are comfortable here, they are not shipped to large factories and handled by hundreds of hands.  We truly thank our animals for what they provide to us, and for what they give our bodies.  this makes a huge difference in the meat quality.  Our animals are never under any stress, even during the slaughter process.  Death happens instantly and immediately, no pain, or suffering.  And there is no build up of adrenalin, or other stress toxins in the meat. 

For Naked Beef Co., this is an easy question.  First, it's their environment.  We keep a careful eye on every aspect of these animals care.  From fresh water sources, open green pastures to a non-GMO grain option.  Secondly, it's their upbringing.  These cattle are not corralled, they are not pushed, they are not exposed to a stressful environment.   Lastly, it's truly knowing what you are eating.  The meat industry's top priority is not the welfare of the animal, nor the quality of the animal harvested.  Instead it's focus is on the bottom dollar.  At Naked Beef Co., we run things completely opposite.  A Collaboration of local farmers, highest quality beef and a small town butcher/process team.  

This is a question every American needs to ask themselves when they consume a product that has been delivered uncooked.  Who has touched this?  In large factory have no clue!  In fact, you have no clue what animal was harvested for your meat.  Naked Beef Co., operates with a two person butcher/process team.  We stamp our pride on every ounce that leaves our facilty.  

Naked Beef Co. utilizes several routes of quality certification.  We carefully monitor the farm, the nutrition, the animal and the processing.  This is a true A to Z process, no shortcuts.  That is what we describe as "The Naked Way"