Custom Beef, Hog, Lam, Bison & Venison Processing


The foundation of Naked Beef Co. was set years ago. Practices handed down generation by generation. From a grandfather's wisdom of respecting the land and the animals that roamed it. The quality of Naked Beef Co. isn’t just measured in a delicious, tender steak & mouth watering ground beef. Success, for us, is measured in the richness and diversity of the land these beef graze & the gentle silence of a herd moved humanely and without stress, and in the strength and well-being of our local communities. Naked Beef Co will not divert from it’s core values, we believe that food raised with honesty and integrity makes for healthier communities.

With cattle lines from Naked Beef consisting only of animals from local MN & WI farmers.  These small farmers take incredible pride in their work. Both of our cattle lines are free of antibiotics and growth hormones, that’s the Naked Way.
The majority of “US” cattle are confined to feedlots, give growth hormones, and antibiotics, or even worse, shipped from another continent.

Our Naked Beef Co. stamp ensures your animal has been raised with the highest integrity. From small family farms whose ancestors worked the very same land with their hands.