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Ultimate Naked Pack

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The "Ultimate" Pack is explained in the title alone!  With a generous mix of the highest quality meats totaling 42lbs!  

We start with our Naked Chicken Breast:
12lbs of premium skinless, boneless, trimmed chicken breast.  All chicken breast packages contain two breasts roughly 2lbs. total weight.  To find more info our our chicken breast please view the product. 

Next, Naked Beef Co. Secret Ground Beef Blend:
15lbs of mouthwatering incredible 81/19 blended ground, including brisket, short rib, sirloin and ground to produce the best burger you've tasted!

Next, Naked Beef Co. Premium Steaks.  All our Angus steaks are aged for a minimum 10 days.  One taste and you'll know the difference.  
Each order will get 
2 - 16oz Rib Steaks
2 - 16oz T-Bone Steaks
4 - 8oz Sirloins

Then, Naked Beef Co. Dry Aged Roasts.  
Roasts that melt in your mouth, so juicy and so tender! 
A total of 6lbs. roasts which vary from chuck, arm, rump and sirloin tip roasts.  

Finally, we top is off with some Naked Beef Co. Pork Chops.
Berkshire pigs brought up on a nutritious all-vegetarian diet (forage and feed) given no antibiotics or growth supplements.  
Each Ultimate will come with 6 - 8oz pork chops.


This pack stands alone offering an all in one shopping experience for any customer looking to stock up or feed their family!