Custom Beef, Hog, Lam, Bison & Venison Processing


Whole Beef Order - Down Payment

Makes for a perfect split between yourself and other families.  An entire beef order requires a slightly different process.  First, you put down a deposit so we know you are committed.  Your deposit goes against your total at the end price.  Second, you complete your "Naked Beef Cut Sheet."  This informs our butcher how you want your harvest prepared. Your final pricing will run $4 from hang weight.  Third, will confirm with the butcher all is correct, so we may begin.  Whole animal processing may take up to the full 4 weeks we ask, but generally we are much faster!   

Please make sure you stay in contact to confirm a proper delivery, as this is a large amount of amazing meat!  


Please click the following link to download your cut sheet.  Once downloaded please send directly to Josh.  Contact info is on the cut sheet.

Naked Beef Cut Sheet