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Homemade Caesar Salad

Want to know what goes great with a perfectly grilled steak? Caesar Salad.  This salad has a homemade dressing that's super flavorful. Plus there are homemade croutons that do not compare to store bought croutons. The croutons are made with day old crusty bread as such as sourdough, ciabatta, french or italian. These types of bread typically yield a very crunchy crouton. 

The dressing is a combination of mayo, fresh lemon juice, parmesan, anchovies and a few other ingredients. Did you know that anchovies are what give caesar salad its unique taste? We don't recommend leaving them out. We promise that you won't even know they are there! 

Tools Needed

Sharp Knife

Cutting Board

Small Blender (immersion blenders or food processors work great) 

Large Bowl

Baking Sheet